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Math and science for your physical, social, and intellectual needs.

Note: Orders that are placed by 10:00 AM on 12/16/2013 will be delivered before Christmas. All orders after that will most likely not be delivered before Christmas. Additionally, we are running out of some garments and unable to restock them before Christmas. If we run out of a particular style, color, or size that you order we will call you to modify your order or refund your money if Christmas is a hard deadline for your order. Thank you for shopping!

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Nerdy T-shirts

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cross product vector math

A dot product equality establishing that vectors u and v are perpendicular.

Coming Soon.

topology exact sequence math

A short exact sequence from algebraic topology/homological algebra.

Nerdy EXACTLY Shirts.

nerdy limit math theorem

The precise definition of a limit expressed in terms of symbolic logic.

Nerdy PUSH LIMITS Shirts.

jerk math shirt

The name of the third derivative of position.

JERK math shirts.

the sky is the limit

An example of limit notation.

Coming Soon.

cool math shirt

The first-order differential equation form for Newton's Law of Cooling.

Nerdy COOL Shirts.


laplace transform transformer math shirt

The Laplace transform of a function f.


think green math shirt

Green's Theorem. 

THINK GREEN math shirts.

equation for bell curve statistics

The equation for the Normal Distribution, a.k.a. the Bell Curve.  

NORMAL math items.

Gibbs free energy chemistry

The thermodynamic formula for the Gibbs free energy.

Nerdy BE FREE Shirts.

Newton's law of universal gravitaion

The magnitude form of Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation.  

Nerdy ATTRACTIVE Shirts.

Maclaurin series shirt

The Maclaurin series of a function.

Nerdy MAC DADDY Shirts.

integral volume of revolution math

An integral formula for the volume of a solid of revolution.

REVOLUTIONARY math shirts.

funny math joke shirt

The formula for the kth central moment of a data set.


determinant of matrix funny

A method of calculating the determinant of a 3 x 3 matrix.  

THE DETERMINATOR math products.

fundamental theorem of calculus

The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, Second Part.


nerdy math

The sparse general form of an m by n matrix.

Nerdy THE MATRIX Shirts.

f=ma funny math

Newton's equation for force.

Nerdy USE THE FORCE Shirts.

nerdy t-shirts student gift

The Cartesian, polar, and exponential forms for a complex number.

Nerdy COMPLEX Shirts.

The formula for the slope of a line.

Coming Soon.

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