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Now offering more than 100 unique Nerdy T-Shirt designs!

Our math and science t-shirts address your physical, social, and intellectual needs.


Calculus T-Shirts 3

Calculus T-Shirt, Curl of a Vector Field.

The definition for the curl of a vector field.

Nerdy CURLY Shirts.

Think Green, Math T-Shirt representing Green's Theorem.

Green's Theorem. 

Nerdy THINK GREEN Shirts.

GiddyUp T-Shirt, Math T-Shirt Saddle Equation.

An equation for a simple hyperbolic paraboloid which near the origin looks like a saddle.  

Nerdy GIDDYUP! Shirts.

Curvaceous T-Shirt, Space Curve Math T-Shirt.

A formula for the curvature of a space curve.

Nerdy CURVACEOUS Shirts.

Twisted T-Shirt, Math Helix Equation Shirt.

A parametric equation for a simple helix.

Nerdy TWISTED Shirts.

Parametric Space Curve Math T-Shirt.

The arc length of a parametric space curve.

Nerdy LENGTHY Shirts.

Jerk T-Shirt, The Third derivative of position Math T-Shirt.

The name of the third derivative of position.

Nerdy JERK Shirts.

Normal T-Shirt, Normal Vector Math T-Shirt.

The cross product leading to the determination of a vector normal to a and b.


Pi T-Shirt, Integral Pi form Math T-Shirt

An integral form of the irrational number pi.


Stoked T-Shirt, Stokes Theorem T-Shirt.

Stokes's Theorem.

Nerdy STOKED Shirts.

Work Equation Math T-Shirt.

The dot product form for work.

Nerdy WORK IT Shirts.

Ballsy T-Shirt, Math Equation T-Shirt.

The spherical-coordinate form for the equation of a sphere of radius c centered at the origin.

Nerdy BALLSY Shirts.

The form for points in Euclidean three-space.

Nerdy EXPERIENCE 3D Shirts.