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Now offering more than 100 unique Nerdy T-Shirt designs!

Our math and science t-shirts address your physical, social, and intellectual needs.



Collar Colored Nerdy T-Shirts:  $20.99/Item

Plain (Dark Grey, Light Grey and Sand) Colored Nerdy T-shirts:  $18.99/Item

Women's Nerdy T-shirts:   $19.99/Item

Long Sleeve Nerdy T-shirts:   $26.99/Item

Nerdy Sweatshirts w/ Color Contrast:   $48.99/item

Nerdy Hooded Sweatshirts:   $53.99/Item

Hats (all colors):  $24.99/Item



Your shirts will be printed in 7 - 10 days after your order is placed and shipped shortly after. Sometimes it can take two weeks to process and ship your order. We will do our best to provide you with timely service.