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Now offering more than 100 unique Nerdy T-Shirt designs!

Our math and science t-shirts address your physical, social, and intellectual needs.


Statistics T-Shirts

Standard Deviation T-Shirt, Statistics T-Shirt "Deviant".

The standard deviation of a finite data set.

Nerdy DEVIANT Shirts.

Statistics T-Shirt "Sieze The Moment".

The formula for the kth central moment of a data set.

Nerdy THE MOMENT Shirts.

Statistics T-Shirt with pun on the definition of a Mean number equation.

The general equation for the arithmetic mean, or common "average".

Nerdy MEAN Shirts.

Statistics T-Shirt "All Skewed Up".

The formula for the skew of a data set.

Nerdy ALL SKEWED UP Shirts.

Statistics T-shirt equation for Normal.

The equation for the Normal Distribution, a.k.a. the Bell Curve.  

Nerdy NORMAL Shirts.

The expected value of a discrete random variable X with probability mass function p(x).


Pro Choice T-Shirt, Statistics Equation T-Shirt.

The combinatoric formula for choosing r items from a set of n items, in which the order of selection doesn't matter.

Nerdy PRO CHOICE Shirts.